Wedding ring ring, men's ring, women's ring, titanium, titanium wedding ring, black ring, something blue – PURPURA

Purpura – Latin for purple, but we love it in every language. Rich, strong and always unique. This band has a wide center inlay made of purple marbled opalescent, held in check by brilliantly finished titanium edges.

Shown on 9.5 mm

Please request a custom reserved if you would like engraving or rush service (shipping in less than 6 weeks).

When ordering, state your preferred size, width and wedding date (if applicable).

Our most frequently requested widths are:

3/16 "= 4.8 mm
7/32 "= 5.6 mm
¼ "= 6.4 mm
5/16 "= 7.9 mm
3/8 "= 9.5 mm
½ "= 11 mm

You can choose your own width or ask us to make it a width proportional to your size.

** EXTRAS **

All of our rings are elegantly gift wrapped for shipping, but we offer a variety of custom ring boxes, ring dishes, and Polish:

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