Moonstone Engagement Ring "Tiu", Sterling Silver Leaf Gemstone Ring, Nature Inspired Branch Jewelry, Gift for Women

This natural moonstone ring is handmade from the finest 925 sterling silver and supplemented by a natural rainbow moonstone. Each ring is 100% handmade and will be created just for you, so you can be sure to be the only one who has it.

Silver ring with natural moonstone
• finest 925 sterling silver
• natural design
• Antique finish (with oxidation technology)
• Stone size: 6×4 mm
• comes in a handmade wooden box with a leather polishing cloth
• handmade in Bali, Indonesia

USA, Canada, Australia, Asia, Africa, Middle East: 4-7 days
Europe: 5-8 days

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As all of our jewelry is made to measure, please allow 4-7 working days for your order to be created and shipped. Please note that since we only use real gemstones, each stone may contain something different from the one shown and beautiful little inclusions. The ring size will look like ring effect.

Moonstone has been known as one of the most romantic gemstones since ancient times.
In Hindu tradition, this stone arranges the divine feminine principle and considers it a symbol of love. Thanks to its simple shimmer, elegant shades of white and subtle. This dreamlike gem is a kind of feldspar that forms parallel structures within the crystal matrix that easily resembles a natural phenomenon called labradorescence, the miracle of light also found in labradorite and moonstone.

Don't we all just love silver? It is extraordinarily shiny – the reflective element of the world! However, pure silver is soft and is never used for jewelry. Sterling silver that we use is an alloy of 92.5% silver and other elements, usually copper, that gives the metal extra durability. Silver also has antimicrobial properties and is widely used for water treatment and health care.

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