Excellent pillow cut 2 to 2.75 carat light yellow color loose moissanite, VVS1 quality perfect for any jewelry making, USA seller

Moissanite is dazzling, hardest, hardest and durable gemstones worldwide a day now
easy to clean almost impossible to cloud, dull or fade over time.
The hardness of moissanite is 9.5, while diamonds are 10. TEST 100% positive with moissanite or diamond tester.
Moissanite has more luster than natural diamonds because of its higher refraction.
Moissanite is perfect for any jewelry engagement rings, wedding bands, ear studs and pendants.
We polish Moissanite in our own workshop so that we can provide any size, color or shape as per your request. Lifespan of Brilliance.

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