Custom Engagement Ring: Design and Down Payment

Looking to create a one of a kind, designed just for her or him engagement ring? You’ve come to the right place! Congratulations on making this major life decision, and I would be honored to help you bring such a special ring to life.

So what does this $100 get you? This listing gets us started on the custom design process. Once purchased, I will contact you and we will move forward designing your special ring. Generally how this looks is emailing back and forth where first you let me know more or less what you are looking for, if you have any idea at all! If not, no worries I will be happy to help jump start the process. If you do have ideas, great! Send me a description of what you have in mind, photos you’ve found online that lean in to what you are imagining, sketches if you are so inclined… Anything and everything helps. We will discuss design, metal options, and gemstone options. Then I will follow up with any questions or suggestions I may have, and once I feel I have an understanding of what you want, sketches! Sometimes on the first round one of my sketches becomes the chosen one and we are ready to move forward. Other times it takes a few tweaks so you might say “hey I love design C, but would like a little more of this, a little less of that…” I’ll come back with another round of sketches and we’ll keep going back and forth until we find your perfect design.

Once we settle on a design and the materials, I’ll be able to calculate the total cost and this $100 will go towards that total. Should you decide in the middle of the process with me that you don’t want to continue for any reason, no worries. This payment covers my time and the design itself, you will own any sketches or designs we come up. This does mean no refunds, unless of course you decide to cancel before we move forward with any of the designing process.

So! What materials do I work with? As far at the metal goes – Silver and Gold, gold includes 14k, 18k, or 22k in your choice or Yellow, White, Rose Gold, or any combination. As far as gemstones go, I work with natural gemstones and am able to get my hands of almost anything. Diamond is usually the top choice for engagement rings. Being such a hardy stone, it lends itself perfectly to a ring that will be worn daily. I love working with rough diamonds and have many gorgeous options in stock. I also work with the classic, faceted diamond and am happy to search for whatever grade, quality, color you are looking for and fits within your budget. I work with a few diamond suppliers that all promise humanely sourced gems only. If you are not interested in Diamonds, I am more than happy to use any gem I can get my hands on! Often I find birthstones to be a favorite as they add a personal element to the ring. If you know your gems, amazing! Let me know what you are looking for. If I have some in stock I will be more than happy to send along a few photos so that you can choose your favorite. If I don’t have it in stock I will be more than happy to go searching! And if you don’t know gems but know what color you are looking for I will be more than happy to make suggestions. And if you know nothing (Jon Snow ūüėČ ) I will be so happy to ask questions and make suggestions until we find the perfect stone.

As far as pricing goes, while every ring will be vastly different based on the intricacy of the design along with your choice of metal and gemstone, as a very rough guide, in general silver rings will be somewhere in the range of $150 – 300 while a gold ring will generally start at around $250 and can run upwards of a few thousand, depending on your gemstone choice. If you have a specific budget in mind, let me know upfront and I can make appropriate material and design suggestions.

The photos above are all engagement rings that I have designed with the proposer for his or her partner. Thus the wide variety of styles! I have many more under my belt, some of which you can see on Facebook:

Please feel free to message me if you have any questions or concerns!

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