2 carat unique hand cut aquamarine engagement ring in 14k rose gold

Unique engagement ring with a raw aquamarine gemstone that creates a beautiful aquamarine engagement ring in 14k rose gold, white gold or yellow gold.

– 2 carat hand cut raw aquamarine
– Now available in 14k rose gold
– Finish is hand polished with branch texture

This ring is available in 14k rose, white and yellow gold and 18k white and yellow gold. (Message for a different color gold)

Additional hand cut rough stones:

Matching band:

I've been staring at my faceting tools for exactly two years until now. Creating my own hand gemstones is a milestone for me, it's like everything I put for my hand carved designs the circle finally did. I really hope that my vision will give you a true one of a kind ring.

Each design was created in wax, small branches with small branches keeps imitating an artfully hand-cut in our studio.

This is a beautiful artistically fancy hand cut aquamarine from our rough gem collection. Each gem is cut in our studio where we follow the natural shape of each stone instead of the traditional faceted cuts. I wanted to create the ultimate, unique hand cut and shaped ring.

The branches and ribbon are cast in 14k rose gold with textured bark markings.

Our refined gold and gemstones are both cruelty-free.

Your ring will come with a black velvet pouch and black ring box.

Why did I decide to hand our gems:

Gemstone material that has not been cut and polished with great effort is referred to as "rough".

Raw material that has been hammered to chipped off the brittle broken edges is said to have been paved.

So what I chose to do is to remove the brittle fractures by hand polishing our raw gemstones in our studio here in North Carolina and allowing longer stone lifetimes for our customers to remove. A stone cut by hand is a stronger stone and in my opinion a safer stone.

In order to maintain the integrity of the raw gemstone, only the brittle edges are removed and faithfully keep the unique shape of the original raw gemstone. In this way we can create a beautiful, artistically cut gemstone that is still cruelty but very unique in shape.

This is my way of giving you a true one of a kind hand sculpted and hand cut ring.
-Dawn vertrees

Visit our blog http://www.dawnvertrees.com or go to http://www.dawnvertrees.com/2019/02/artistically-cut-rough-gemstone-with.html to find out more information about our hand Gemstones.

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