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Rose gold engagement ring. 2 carat pink sapphire ring. 18 k rose gold engagement ring. highest quality lowest price.with guarantee!

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Why are we so special?

We guarantee that our sapphires are all natural.
No synthetic or laboratory created gemstones in our warehouse
No diffusion treatment of all of our stones
No beryllium treatment on all of our stones
No fillers in all of our stones
No radiation treatment of all of our stones
Lowest price guarantee.
Highest quality gemstones.
Gemstones directly from Ceylon no middlemen all stones selected by me in surrounding Sri Lanka.

Why is this pink sapphire engagement ring so special?

This main stone straight from Ceylon
2 carat pink sapphire stone very hard to find. It is very rare and very beautiful and unique

All stone carefully selected by me with more than 12 years of experience (Suranga Amarasekara. Please read more in the section on)

All of my gemstones are natural.

Quality equal to FL: Completely flawless or if not VVS VVS1 VVS2 stones

It is very difficult to find and rarely vary to find very clear stone before the jewelry retailers sell low quality gemstones.
8 mm * 7 mm
18K rose gold
VVS1 diamonds
Craft engagement ring

Main stone:

Gemstone: 8 * 7mm oval pink sapphire
Sapphire shape: oval
Average dimensions: 8 * 7 mm
Treatment: no treatment very rare natural stone
Color: pink
Clarity: clean eyes
Origin: Sri Lanka, nature
Average carat weight: 2 carat natural pink sapphire

Other stones:

VVS1 diamonds

Do you want to see how your ring is made? Please visit our section on. This ring will come with nice ring box.

Custom designs?

I am also ready to make custom orders. Send us the picture of the item you love or we can create the jewelry with your own designs or with your ideas. You can find a variety of precious or semi-precious gemstones stones. We have every kind of natural unheated gemstones.all are straight from Ceylon.
We combine the gemstones with metal you want from silver, platinum, rose gold. Let us know what you want and we will make your dreams come true.

I am personally here for you to help you with everything you need.
All of our jewelry is ethically sourced from mines in Ratnapura Sri Lanka with minimal negative environmental impacts.

SUMUDUNI gemstones are dedicated and eagerly waiting to design a fabulous piece of jewelry for you to make your days and moments unforgettable forever. Try it!
We want 2-3 weeks of crafting this beauty. For rush orders contact us. Thanks for your visit.
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